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Social media platforms create the illusion that gaining exposure is easy. All you need is a good picture and a tagline; the rest will take care of itself, right? Unfortunately, it is not going to be that easy to gain exposure via social media. The truth is you have to put in the effort and implement strategies if you have any hope of making an impact.

If the title of this article grabbed your attention, you are likely very frustrated at how your social media campaign turned out. And don’t feel bad. Most entrepreneurs underestimate how difficult it is going to be to establish a strong social media profile. The social media team at EverConvert knows the struggles you are going through and we are ready to help you get actual results from your social media campaigns. Read more to find out the most common factors that are proven ways to make social media campaigns fail.

1. Targeting The Wrong Social Media Platform

It cannot hurt to have a profile on every social media platform, but you have to prioritize those that make the most sense. In fact, certain platforms are better suited for certain business models. For example, if you have a business that offers professional financial services, LinkedIn is a platform you want to keep up to date. Whereas family-orientated businesses should definitely utilize Pinterest and Twitter.

By researching the best platforms first, it makes it easier to pay attention and devote more time to the profiles with actual “conversion” value. Where are the people most likely to be interested in your business spending their time? That should always be the first question you ask when considering a social media campaign.

2. Your Profile Is Not Old Enough

Ironically enough, online users want everything to load with lightning speed. But they are skeptical about profiles that were created two days or a month ago. This does not mean they will not give you the benefit of the doubt, but everything depends on the strategy you use.

Always keep in mind that time is necessary for building a strong reputation. Trying to rush this process usually has negative consequences; to gain trust from users requires a level of patience. Even more so if your social media campaign is not targeted.

3. Not Enough Information About The Target Audience

One of the fundamental rules of marketing is to know your product as well as your audience. This strategy is commonly referred to as targeted marketing, and for those who are not familiar with this term, make it a priority to get familiar. If you do not know what your audience wants to see, read, or hear, you are bound to spend more money than what you are going to make.

By going the extra mile and learning as much about your audience as possible, you can effectively tweak your campaign. Then you can give users exactly what they want. This is when social media campaigns really start to work for you. Not to mention, you spend a lot less on marketing and advertising due to the information you have and the highly targeted and focused nature of your efforts.

4. Obvious Mission To Simply Build A Following

Thanks to an influx of false advertising schemes and news, users have become more paranoid about who and what they follow online. Users are more aware of fly-by-night accounts more than ever, and if you are viewed in this light, it can completely ruin an otherwise good campaign.

If you only plan on posting ads, do not expect to build a big following quickly. In fact, it can take quite some time as users are generally looking for substance. Using hard sales posts all day long will only drive followers away. Instead, make sure your posts have some type of value to consumers. There is nothing wrong with advertising through social media, but it takes posts with substance in order to excite users and build a natural following.

5. A Lack Of Consistency

It can be discouraging when users do not react to posts immediately. But as mentioned earlier, time is a factor you cannot change. All you can do is use the time to show users you are serious about your profile. How exactly is this accomplished? By posting on a regular basis.

The only way to really gain trust from users and to build a following involves consistency. Social media profiles that fail to be consistent or keep up with trends are likely to get lost pretty quickly. The easiest way to make sure you consistently post valuable content is to set a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Make sure that your schedule allows ample time for you to generate great content.

6. There Is Not Enough Valuable Interaction

The importance of networking on social media cannot be stressed enough. And just posting every day has its limits. You have to participate in ways that are not directly connected to your business. For instance, leaving comments and liking posts from other users contribute to creating a strong reputation and building rapport with others in your industry and their customers.

Social media – at the end of the day – is all about getting personal. Big companies utilize it to interact with clients and customers, allowing for the lighter side of corporations to be showcased. Never forget why people use social media in the first place.

7. Posts Are Too Aggressive Or Not Relevant

Posts that are clearly meant to sell something or simply not aligned with your audience are going to have negative effects on your profile. If this is your strategy, do not be surprised if users unfollow or block you before you get a chance to approach them. Social media is not a walk in the park if your aim is to simply make sales or boost profits.

This is the reason we recommend pulling back on the sales pitches, especially for new or struggling social media campaigns and focusing more on connecting with your audience. Of course, posts should be in line with your niche but also be creative and interesting.

8. The Ads Are Not Distinct Enough

In terms of using paid advertising through social media, you want to be careful. Monitoring the performance of the ads, as well as split testing can dramatically increase the effectiveness. At the same time, there should be a funnel in place that inspires the user to click where you want them to.

Let EverConvert Make Your Social Media a Success!

Getting users to trust you is likely to be your biggest challenge. But it is not impossible if you use advanced strategies at the right time. Let our team of professionals at EverConvert provide you with the strategies that work and guide your social media marketing efforts. Slight mistakes can have big consequences online, and new entrepreneurs are likely to make several of them while gaining business experience, but with our experts handling your social media campaigns, you won’t have to worry about them failing anymore. Contact our office today and receive your free SEO analysis and get the benefits of a company that knows:

Sales Cures All!

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Does Bing Really Matter In 2020? http://www.eroglubal.com/does-bing-really-matter-in-2020/ Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:32:00 +0000 http://www.eroglubal.com/?p=18228 Internet users have a firm reliance on search engines, with 93% of the total web traffic coming through search engines to help them find places, services, goods, and all types of content. For this reason, marketers must stay well-versed in the search engine market’s nuances. When it comes to search engines, a digital marketing company [...]

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Internet users have a firm reliance on search engines, with 93% of the total web traffic coming through search engines to help them find places, services, goods, and all types of content. For this reason, marketers must stay well-versed in the search engine market’s nuances.

When it comes to search engines, a digital marketing company like ours can choose from more than 20 available options to focus on optimizing for. Most opt to go with Google, which is understandable considering that Google currently dominates the search engine market, accounting for about 82% of the market share on desktop & mobile devices.

But with everybody raving about ranking on Google, is it wise to reconsider your choices? Is Google the only search engine worth investing into? What if you were to learn that you can still get millions in free traffic from Bing?

Bing – The Sleeping Giant!

In many ways, Bing is as effective as Google at what they do. Also, many optimization techniques that work for Google tend to fit well into the Bing world. If you’re not optimizing your site for Bing, then you’re missing out on a lot.

In 2018, Bing’s share for desktop and laptop searches accounted for 8.3% coming in third after Google and Baidu. However, Bing has seen an improvement, and in 2019, Bing moved to second place, accounting for approximately 9.4% of all global laptop and desktop search traffic. As of the writing of this article, March 9, 2020, Bing has grown to 11.58% of all desktop & laptop searches.

That’s pretty fantastic, right?

The numbers are proof that Bing won’t stop growing any time soon, and it’s about time you stopped watching from the sidelines and jumped on the Bing bandwagon!

Why Bing Matters?

There’s no doubt that Bing is an essential part of the search engine world. Bing not only occupies the second spot in the global search engine rankings, but it also accounts for 33% of internet searches in the US, 23%-25% in the UK, and 24-26% in Taiwan. Ergo, Bing is still quite a popular choice around the world.

Are you still needing more proof of Bing’s significance in the search engine world? If so, check out the reasons why Bing matters and why you must take it seriously.

1. Bing Has Lower Competition

With everybody looking to rank on Google, you better believe you’ll have to work extra hard to keep up with the competition. The fact is that many people only optimize for Google, ignoring the other search engines. This has unconsciously made it possible for Bing to develop an environment where there’s not as much competition, which translates to lower cost per click.

It’s challenging for beginners to compete with people who have already established a firm foothold. But now there’s unchartered territory – Bing – where you can sow your brand and see it grow.

There’s nothing wrong with targeting Google, but marketers should at least know what Bing can do for them. Bing not only adds value to your strategy, but you could also rank high pretty quickly and without too much struggle.

2. Most SEO Practices For Google Work For Bing As Well

Many people worry that while they might be adept at SEO practices for Google, they are clueless when it comes to optimizing for Bing and other search engines. While the search algorithms of Google and Bing are different, some of their SEO best practices are similar, meaning you can fairly easily get the best of both search engines with one strategy.

Note: Should you decide to use Google SEO tactics for Bing, make sure you check the impact these practices might have on your Bing ranking.

3. Bing Leverages Yahoo!

Bing is often hidden behind Google’s massive shadow. However, what many people don’t know is that Bing is still quite powerful, and together with Yahoo, they own 1/3 of the US search market.

Back in 2009, Bing made a deal with Yahoo, and today, Bing powers all of Yahoo searches! Pretty tasty, right? When you start optimizing for Bing, your brand gets to enjoy traffic from both Bing and Yahoo.

4. Bing Offers Marketers A Remarkable Array Of Free Tools And Resources

Bing loves SEO!

In addition to having clear cut algorithms to help with your SEO efforts, they also provide you with an impressive range of free diagnostics and analysis tools to help you understand and use their algorithms and rank well.

Be it the site structure level, the link level, or the page level, Bing has got you covered regarding tools. Check out Bing’s Webmaster guidelines to learn all the do’s and don’ts of both on-page and off-page SEO for Bing. Bing webmaster tools are free and pretty awesome, including a backlink explorer.

Bing also provides you with excellent ways to analyze your website. With the Bing-SEO analyzer tool, you can analyze backlinks, mobile-friendliness, link profile, keywords, etc. You can even get a report highlighting the flaws they found on your site.

5. Bing Has High-Quality Traffic

Bounce rates can be quite frustrating. Lucky for you, with Bing, you could be seeing a lower bounce rate.

According to a recent study conducted by Mathew Woodward, while Bing doesn’t boast of too many leads, the search engine has high-quality traffic, lower bounce rate, visitors spend more time on a website, more page visits, and more subscribers.

Bing puts a strong emphasis on user engagement and often penalizes anything that doesn’t align with this requirement. Bing provides you with an opportunity to get traffic that converts more!

Should You Start Optimizing for Bing?

One hundred percent, YES, it’s high time you started leveraging the full benefits of optimizing for Bing. Besides, set-up is easy and fast, and you get the opportunity to reach an established audience that converts better than traffic from Google.

Hopefully, you have a better picture of why Bing matters, and now you can take it seriously. So, if you’re still not optimizing for Bing, stop sitting on the fence and get ahead of your competition by managing search engine marketing on Bing.

Contact EverConvert For a Risk-Free SEO Analysis

If your business is working to generate traffic through your website, don’t neglect to consider the power of optimizing for Bing. The SEO team at EverConvert works closely with clients to help them rank highly in search, not only on Google, but also Bing and other search engines. Utilizing SEO best practices, regardless of the search engine being optimized for, gives you the best chance to rank highly and generate business. Contact our team today to schedule a risk-free SEO analysis with our experts, and start generating valuable traffic to your site, because;

Sales Cures All!

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5 Benefits Of Video Marketing For Attorneys http://www.eroglubal.com/5-benefits-of-video-marketing-for-attorneys/ Thu, 27 Feb 2020 16:16:48 +0000 http://www.eroglubal.com/?p=18224 Video marketing has become quite popular over the last few years, and many businesses are using it to help with their SEO efforts, boosting traffic to their websites. But, why has video marketing become so popular? Is it worth all the hype? Can attorneys use it to help with their law firms' performance? Of course! [...]

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Video marketing has become quite popular over the last few years, and many businesses are using it to help with their SEO efforts, boosting traffic to their websites. But, why has video marketing become so popular? Is it worth all the hype? Can attorneys use it to help with their law firms’ performance? Of course! Video marketing is a must for every business that wants to get its message and name out while staying a step ahead of its competitors. We believe that video marketing is crucial for attorneys, and it will play a significant role in marketing for any firm. The best thing about it is that it has become quite affordable. At EverConvert, we have our own video marketing department, allowing our clients to centralize their marketing efforts with one agency that they can count. Read on to see the benefits of video marketing for lawyers.

Why Video Marketing?

We have noted that now, more than ever before, people are choosing their law firms based on their digital presence. Lawyer video marketing has become popular and is a factor that people consider when choosing the right firm for them. Also, more than 87% of professionals are using video as a marketing tool, so why should attorneys be left out? Video marketing is preceding traditional approaches such as direct mail, word of mouth, and print.

When it comes to video marketing, it is hard to argue against these statistics;

With these outstanding statistics, it is hard to ignore the importance of video marketing as a tool to foster your practice. We will share some of the benefits of video marketing below, and why you need to get started immediately.

It Creates Brand Awareness

Do you want your firm to get noticed? Are you wondering why your firm has not prospered, yet your competitors seem to be on the rise? The answer could be in your marketing strategy. One of the best ways to ensure that your brand is well known is to put out video content. People love watching videos as part of their research process before they commit to a purchase. Most people would prefer to watch a video than reading text. Since your law firm is your brand, videos give you the chance to not only inform customers as they do research but also create brand awareness. Create videos that explain how the brand came to be and what the firm stands for. People will want to be represented by a law firm that cares about their welfare, therefore ensure that your videos will humanize the firm. Also, this is the perfect way for clients to know the other lawyers in the firm and the types of cases that you handle. Video puts a face to your law firm’s name, creating a more personal connection with potential clients.

It Educates Your Potential Clients

We would recommend you to have a series of informative videos that educate the potential client on what they should expect from your firm. Since a video will be your first introduction to the prospective client, it should explain how the firm operates, the mission and vision for the firm, and why clients should choose you. You can create videos on what to expect in different types of cases such as criminal, civil, and divorce cases. In this way, a potential client that had one of these issues will be interested in coming in and talking to a professional in the firm. Since you have educated the clients online, they will have confidence that you can represent them in person.

Check out an example of an informative car accident video series we created for a client here.

Improve SEO AND Traffic To The Website

Since your potential clients are online, it makes no sense to ignore video content as a marketing tool. This is because highly optimized SEO video content on your website will help boost your search rankings. This will move you a step ahead of your competitors, giving you the chance to be the first firm they interact with. Websites that have rich video content will rank highly in the search engines, therefore increasing the visibility of the firm. Higher SERP rankings increase traffic to the website, which shows Google that people find your site useful, which can boost the ranking even more.

It Boosts Your Google Ranking

Embedding your videos will work wonders for your site. It will increase the conversion rates by around 80% and also boost your google ranking. Doing so will lead to more people seeing your page when they make a search query, therefore increasing their chances of contacting you when it is time to hire an attorney.

The Video Content Highlights The Skills Of The Lawyer

There is no better way for prospective clients to know the skills of a lawyer than to see them explain different issues in a video. Using video, customers can gauge the attorney’s confidence and the skills that they have. These videos will give potential clients an insight into the capabilities of the attorneys and will provide them with a rough idea of how skilled the attorneys are, and if they are the right match for them. Additionally, it associates a face with your name, making a potential customer much more likely to remember and come back to you when it is time to hire.

Video Content Can Reach A Wide Audience

Video can reach a vast audience in a short time. The more shareable the video is, the more the number of people that it will reach. Also, with the popularity of social media and social sharing, video content will spread quickly. This will then encourage potential clients to be converted into clientele. These videos also tend to boost feelings of trust as the potential client feels that you are relatable, and care about their issues. Since you are a source of vital legal information, people will be inclined to trust you with their problems. Speaking directly to them will help build trust and even boost feelings of relatability with the audience. We work to make sure your videos are not only engaging and visually appealing but more importantly, that they answer specific user concerns. This can range from answering a commonly asked question, explaining a process, or providing real-world testimonial from a past client about why your law firm is the one they should choose.

Contact EverConvert to Make Video Marketing Part of Your SEO Strategy!

As seen above, video marketing is crucial for lawyers. It will help break barriers and create name recognition. It is for the above reasons that we believe that no law firm should overlook this tool in their marketing strategy, as it can make or break their marketing campaign.? If you need help with your marketing strategy, contact us! Our SEO team will provide a free analysis and is ready to walk you through the process of developing a successful digital marketing strategy, helping your firm find solutions to your marketing problems, because:

Sales Cures All!

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6 Tips For Your YouTube SEO Strategy/Campaign http://www.eroglubal.com/6-tips-youtube-seo-strategy-campaign/ Tue, 18 Feb 2020 19:50:07 +0000 http://www.eroglubal.com/?p=18217 If you have been keenly observing Google search results of late, you may have noticed that YouTube videos are increasingly being featured on the first page. Why is this? Well, Google has realized that more and more search engine users are interested in video results as opposed to traditional results like blogs and websites. Developing [...]

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If you have been keenly observing Google search results of late, you may have noticed that YouTube videos are increasingly being featured on the first page. Why is this? Well, Google has realized that more and more search engine users are interested in video results as opposed to traditional results like blogs and websites. Developing a cohesive YouTube SEO strategy is key to making sure your videos are seen in search results.

If you post videos on YouTube, you are probably wondering how you can get your videos to rank on the first page of Google search results, and/or within YouTube’s own internal search engine. The social media team at EverConvert is here to help you not only create engaging video content for your site but also make sure that it is fully optimized so your videos can be seen by as many people as possible. We discuss some of the techniques we use below.

Optimizing Videos to Maximize Search Engine Visibility

Almost everyone who has access to the internet visits YouTube every once in a while. In fact, YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world. More than 6 billion hours of video are streamed on the site every month. This is nothing short of incredible! YouTube is an excellent platform to gain followers and reach out to your preferred target audience with content they love and enjoy. Some of the most successful personalities on YouTube take home huge ad-revenue checks each month thanks to their massive following and popularity.

As with Google Search, making it on YouTube requires a great deal of effort and time. Not everyone’s video is lucky enough to be ranked at the top of search results. That’s why some videos only manage to garner a few hundred views while others get millions of views. Mind you, there may be very few differences in terms of quality of content between the videos that rank high and those that rank low on search results.

As you may know, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the web – after Google of course. For your videos to rank high on YouTube and Google search results, there are a number of techniques you must employ. These techniques are what make up your YouTube SEO strategy/campaign. Below are some of the YouTube SEO techniques that you can employ to optimize your YouTube videos and channel for increased search engine visibility.

1. Use Long and Detailed Descriptions For Your Videos

First and foremost, always write long and detailed descriptions for all of your YouTube videos. This is a requirement that you must meet if you want your videos to feature prominently on both YouTube and Google’s search results. The longer and more detailed your descriptions are, the better. Why is this? Well, Google loves content. And not just any content – content full of contextual keywords.

Simply put, you must feed the search engine monster with content made up of a variety of closely-related contextual keywords in order for you to increase your video’s search visibility. Don’t just use one long-tail keyword in your video description and leave it at that. Look for more keywords that may be related to your video. Hitting multiple keywords allows YouTube and Google to better understand what your content is about so that they can provide it as a relevant result in a search query.? Also, you can add social media hashtags to your video descriptions to spice things up.

2. Carefully Research and Select the Right Keywords For Your Videos

This tip should have probably preceded the first tip but it makes more sense to place it here now that you know the importance of keywords. All types of search engines rely on keywords to generate results. Keywords are therefore the dominant factor or criteria that affects search results. It is possible for your video to rank at the top of search results for one keyword and at the same time rank at the bottom of search results for another version of the same keyword. This is because some keywords are more competitive than others. It goes without saying that you should look for less competitive keywords to associate your videos with, as it increases the likelihood that your content will be able to rank quickly.

So, before deciding which keywords to associate your video with, do some research and find out how competitive those keywords are on search results. Doing this will save you a lot of headaches and disappointments.

3. Share and Embed Videos Wherever Possible

Don’t just upload your video to your YouTube channel and leave it at that. Share your videos on social media sites, blogs and other platforms on the web. Sharing and embedding your videos in as many places as possible increases their chances of featuring on search results. You can make use of the sharing and embedding buttons tools offered by YouTube to disseminate your videos on the web. The more social media sites, chat rooms, forums, and websites that link to your videos, the more likely they are to be found on search results or be shared by someone else. This is a basic SEO strategy, not only for YouTube videos but your website’s content in general.

4. Themed Playlists

If you are a seasoned YouTube content creator, you probably know the importance of categorizing your videos into themed playlists. Themed playlists make it easier for viewers to peruse through your content. It simply helps to keep things organized on your channel.

Having themed playlists increases views, user engagement, channel time, and other important ranking criteria. Playlists also feature YouTube’s internal search results which are good if you want to gain an added advantage.

5. Subscribers

The number of subscribers you have has been observed to have an effect on how high your videos rank on YouTube and Google’s search results. Channels with millions of subscribers often have their newly-posted videos propelled to the top of search results just because of their existing ‘clout’. YouTube assumes that its users will want to watch videos made by seasoned content creators who already have a huge following regardless of how ‘good’ their videos are.

6. Video Length

It’s worth noting that more and more people prefer watching videos on their mobile devices. This fact is important as it affects how much time, on average, people are spending watching a single video on YouTube.

Most videos on YouTube are 10 minutes long and the average length of a page 1 result is almost 15 minutes. This is an ideal length for a video as it is not too short nor too long. It’s not wise to make your video too short or too long as this can reduce your post’s user engagement and visibility. Reduced user engagement directly translates to a lower ranking on search results, making short content (less than 3 minutes) a vicious cycle that has a negative impact on your individual videos and channel as a whole.


To sum it all up, it’s important to be thorough when posting all your videos on YouTube. Make sure you fill in all the necessary details required to publicize your video on both YouTube and other search engines. If YouTube provides a field for you to input data when uploading a video, you should populate that field with the most helpful information possible (they didn’t provide the field for no reason, right?). Also, be mindful of the production and quality of videos you upload. It is much better to have one long (10-15 minutes minimum), high-quality video than have a bunch of mediocre, short videos.

Regardless of whether your business already has a YouTube channel or is starting fresh, our digital marketing experts at EverConvert are ready to help you see the full benefits of video content. We have a dedicated social media team that specializes in the production and promotion of visual content, helping you show up in search results and develop brand recognition, which ultimately leads to traffic coming to your digital channels. Contact our team today to receive a free SEO analysis and see the benefits of a team who understands that:

Sales Cures All!

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8 Reasons To Focus On Long-Tail Keywords For SEO http://www.eroglubal.com/8-reasons-to-focus-on-long-tail-keywords-for-seo/ Fri, 14 Feb 2020 20:50:39 +0000 http://www.eroglubal.com/?p=18195 Long-tail keywords are words or phrases specific to a product or service. That means they are targeted for the promotion of that product or service. Ideally, a long-tail keyword has at least 3 – 4 words, hence the name, but they can also be longer. To have a better understanding of what the keywords are, [...]

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Long-tail keywords are words or phrases specific to a product or service. That means they are targeted for the promotion of that product or service. Ideally, a long-tail keyword has at least 3 – 4 words, hence the name, but they can also be longer.

To have a better understanding of what the keywords are, here is an example of a search query.

A user may search for “the price of Nintendo Switch”, which is a long-tail keyword, which implies they plan to buy the gaming system. On the other hand, if the search input was for “Nintendo Switch,” then the user is likely looking for more details about the gaming system’s features or any other related information.

As you can see, the intent of the search is quite different, as the 1st example is looking to buy, while the 2nd is simply acquiring more information. Because of the search intent associated with each search, targeting long-tail keywords with a clear understanding of user intent will help increase conversion rates.

The intentions of the two users in the example given above are an example of why you must have a clear understanding of the search intent for each query. This is how your target audience will find the information you post, which will boost your conversions and allow you to better optimize pages. As an experienced digital marketing firm, EverConvert understands how to incorporate long-tail keywords into a content marketing strategy. Our SEO content team is constantly monitoring changes and how user intent factors into rankings.

Why Long-Tail SEO Is Important

Google’s algorithms keep changing to ensure better user experience. Therefore, you need to stay current with your SEO strategy. Know how to leverage your keywords for the promotion of your content. You must balance your head keywords with long-tail ones; the former having a higher search volume but the latter having a very specific intent. As such, the impact that long-tail keywords can have on search engine optimization is too significant to be discounted.

Eight Reasons why you should focus on long-tail keyword in your SEO

1. Provide More Value

The game in SEO is rather straightforward; you need to offer value to your target audience in order to rank higher in search results. The information must be useful, but the relevance will mean little if the content is not optimized. That is why you should do enough keyword research to come up with new topics to write about that are optimized for long-tail searches.

By incorporating long-tail keywords, you will use specific phrases based on your target audience’s needs and interests to provide more value to them. This will also play an essential role in strengthening your marketing efforts. To provide a real-world example, many of our clients are lawyers, meaning their pillar content is often tied to keywords like “Atlanta personal injury lawyer” or “New York business lawyer”. While these terms have the largest search volumes, the intent of the query is not always to acquire a lawyer’s services. So, we use our content and supporting blogs to target long-tail keywords like “how much does a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta cost?” that are most likely associated with someone looking to hire an attorney.

2. People Search Using Long-Tail Keywords

Since Google’s objective is to give users the best results based on the exact information they input in their searches, many people do not use single keywords. As a result, you should focus on the keywords that your target audience uses.

For instance, they may not use a simple search such as “CBD oil.” Instead, they are likely to input more specific strings such as “what are the benefits of CBD oil?”

Think about it from a user perspective first; how many times do you type a question into Google? For most users, the answer is the majority of their searches, even if they are not always phrased as questions. Statistics show that while around 10% of searches are phrased as questions, over 55% are 3 or more words. For example, “benefits of CBD oil” is not technically a question, but a user who enters this query is looking for the same information as someone who searches “what are the benefits of CBD oil”.

3. Less Competition

It is difficult to rank better for head keywords because they are highly competitive due to their larger volume, which is not the case with the long-tail keywords. As a result, it can be much easier to rank on page 1 of search results for a long-tail keyword, while head keywords will be more difficult.

With the long-tail keywords being specific, they are highly relevant because they will help the target user find exactly what they are looking for online. That translates into better conversion rates without facing as much competition for the keywords you use.

4. Better Conversion Rates

Long-tail keywords are known to be highly effective in generating organic traffic. They may take a longer time to give significant returns, due to their generally low volume, they are a worthwhile investment if you consider the potential long-term gains.

For instance, you can strategize to use the long-tail keywords in your blog posts as opposed to the costlier option of depending more on running PPC campaigns for your head keywords. Then you will be able to see long-term gains as you generate organic traffic and better conversion rates, which will in turn help push your shorter, high volume head keyword pages higher in the SERP.

5. They Help You Optimize For Semantic Search

If you are targeting to optimize your content for semantic searches, then you will need to use long-tail keywords. With a huge number of the new generation of online users using voice searches, you should always consider voice search in your search engine optimization strategy.

Voice searches run based mostly on long-tail keywords, and they have revolutionized how people do their online searches. Given the expected growth in the use of smart speakers and the versatility in the use of these voice assistants, you should research the long-tail keywords that will answer their search queries.

6. Optimize Your Blog Strategy

Blogging has become a valuable part of any optimization campaign. It is one of the best methods for ranking higher on search results pages (SERPs). As you implement the long-tail keywords in your website’s content, you also should do the same in your blog posts.

Do what you can to include them in the URL, title, body, and meta tags, but all in the right context. Research the keywords to ensure they are relevant to the topic and let your content revolve or be based on the keywords.

You can rely on a tool such as Google Keyword Planner to figure out which long-tail keywords to use, which will then help you generate more supporting articles and blog posts. As a result, you will create content that not only is good for conversions, but that also supports your pillar content by addressing specific queries associated with a head keyword. Then, you want to make sure the supporting blog content links back to the associated target keyword page in an organic way.

7. A Strong Conversion Funnel

In the areas of traffic and lead generation, your objective is to ensure that every customer that enters the sales (conversion) funnel gets to the negotiation stage so you can then close the deal. Accomplishing this demands that you build customer trust. You will achieve this by providing as much relevant information to them as you can.

To do so, you will need to build out more useful content for your target audience. That is why blogging is an essential element in your SEO strategy. Providing more relevant information to a user normally means creating more pages, allowing you to target a wider array of long-tail keywords.

As a result, you will start ranking for more of these keywords, thus building a larger funnel that helps you generate more traffic and leads to a better conversion rate.

8. Better Structured Data Integration

As you focus on using relevant keywords for a better ranking, you can boost your efforts by adding structured data. By incorporating such data into your long-tail keywords, your content will feature more results, taking up more real estate on the results page then other comparable pages that are not using structured data.

Because you are providing users with more relevant information in the SERP, structured data can be an excellent way to boost your rankings for target pages.

Contact EverConvert to Create a Robust Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business!

Developing optimization strategies that meet the ever-evolving demands of search engines like Google is essential. Regardless of whether that means you are continuously churning out fresh, relevant content, or you are voice search ready; you should utilize long-tail keywords if you want to rank higher in SERPs.

In order to utilize long-tail keywords successfully, you must do thorough keyword research, as it is the foundation of any successful digital marketing campaign. You should know what content is your pillar content (head keyword) so that you can structure your supporting content (long-tail keywords) around it and create a robust content marketing plan. Doing this on your own is a time-consuming, arduous process, but, by hiring a digital marketing firm like EverConvert to do this work for you, your business can focus on making customers happy, while we focus on getting the customers to you, because at the end of the day:

Sales Cures All!

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Boost Your Search Engine Ranking By Responding To Google Reviews http://www.eroglubal.com/boost-your-search-engine-ranking-by-responding-to-google-reviews/ Wed, 12 Feb 2020 17:24:34 +0000 http://www.eroglubal.com/?p=18192 In order for a business to do well digitally, it is imperative that they work hard to boost their visibility in search results. When it comes to search results, those who are not at the very top will never obtain the results they desire for their websites - there's a reason that SEO's commonly joke [...]

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In order for a business to do well digitally, it is imperative that they work hard to boost their visibility in search results. When it comes to search results, those who are not at the very top will never obtain the results they desire for their websites – there’s a reason that SEO’s commonly joke that “the best place to hide a dead body is page 2” of the Google search results. Statistics show that less than 1% of all users click on a result on the second page; if you are not in the top 10, you are basically invisible. For this reason, business owners must work hard on their SEO efforts and constantly be on the lookout for new ways to increase the strength and visibility of their websites.

One thing that many do not realize is the fact that there is a simple way to make a huge impact, especially in regard to their local SEO efforts – responding to Google reviews. The fact that nearly 90% of people who browse the1 Web trust reviews they read on the site should be enough for you to take this seriously. Since the audience you are trying to appeal to is likely to read through this information before deciding whether or not to do business with you, leaving responses to user feedback is essential to showing potential clients that your business is attentive and responsive to its customers. With the help of the digital marketing team at EverConvert, our local SEO department can show you how best to go about responding to both good and bad reviews while also alerting you that a new review has been posted, providing you the opportunity to respond in a timely manner. Some of our guidelines for responding to reviews are discussed below.

The Importance Of User Reviews And Offering A Response

You may be asking yourself whether this information actually means anything when it comes to rankings; it does. According to the support page at Google My Business, it is important for companies to respond to reviews because it lets current and potential customers know that you value everyone who does business with you. Whether the review being left is positive or negative, leaving a response can be extremely beneficial.

Think of it this way. If someone is interested in the products and/or services you offer, and they see you thanking someone for saying something positive, they know that customer appreciation is an integral component of your business model. As far as negative feedback, if you take the time to address bad reviews and offer a solution, it will show prospective clients that customer satisfaction and retention are valued by your company. These are factors that people value greatly when trying to decide whether or not to patronize a business.

Advice For Responding To Positive Feedback

There are a few things that you need to consider when you are leaving a response to a positive review. While it may seem as simple as offering a mere “Thank You!”, this is not enough. Yes, you want to let them know that you are grateful for all they have said about the business, but it is essential for you to offer a bit more of a personalized touch, with a response that is specific to their review.

To do this, try your best to respond directly to something that was mentioned in the review. Not all reviewers discuss specific information about their interaction with your business, but most people who take the time to leave a review do. For instance, if you own a restaurant and someone praises a particular item they ordered, mention the specific dish when you are thanking them, possibly pointing out a specific ingredient or process that makes your dish better than the competition (which affords you an advertising opportunity that is visible to anyone who reads your reviews). This will let them know that you actually took the time to read what they said and the response is sincere, not something that you offer to every person.

Always give them a reason to come again. Try mentioning a new offering or let them know that you will be looking forward to their next visit. This will motivate them to consider your business the next time they are in the market for the types of products/services you offer.

How To Respond To Negative Reviews

It can be tempting to lash out when you receive not-so-great feedback on Google, especially if you feel it is untrue or unwarranted, but you MUST refrain from doing so. Responding aggressively can permanently mar your business reputation, making it look like you don’t care what your customers think, so tread lightly. Even though this may pain you, a thank you should be offered for the feedback. While you are not pleased with what is being said, you have to let them know that you are appreciative that they are taking the time to offer feedback and patronized your business in the first place.

Avoid blaming the customer, even if you believe that the bad experience was their fault. Remain calm and never resort to arguing. The moment that you forget about your professionalism and start doing these things, you can look forward to your business reputation doing a complete nosedive.

The last thing you need to be sure to do is to offer them a way to contact you so the problem can be resolved. Try your best to stay concise. Rambling on about the specifics of their review, or contesting their truthfulness, is never a wise decision.

Contact EverConvert for a Free SEO Analysis!

Keep in mind that it may take some time for you to see a noticeable difference in your search ranking, but you should continue nonetheless. At EverConvert, we have tested this strategy, not only for our clients’ reviews but also on our own reviews, responding to around half of the existing reviews that did not currently have a response. In over 75% of the tests, clients saw an uptick in both their map and organic rankings, normally within as little as two weeks.

The more feedback you respond to, the more likely it is you will see an increase in visitors and the possibility of increased sales numbers. Knowing that Google has hopped on board and is letting businesses know that this is something that has great value should be more than enough reason for you to take the time to read through all of the reviews you are left and make it a point to say something useful in return. For help with all of your local SEO needs, contact the experts at EverConvert today! You will receive a risk-free SEO analysis, showing what you are doing right, and where we can help you improve. No matter the struggles your business may be facing in its digital marketing efforts, always remember our motto:

Sales Cures All!

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Analysis Of The Google January 2020 Core Update http://www.eroglubal.com/analysis-of-the-google-january-2020-core-update/ Tue, 28 Jan 2020 21:23:10 +0000 http://www.eroglubal.com/?p=18187 We live in a fast-paced digital society that’s ever-changing. Ever wondered why? Well, this is thanks to search engine core updates. Google is currently the heavyweight in the search engine market, recording over 88% market share, which, in a traditional sense makes it a monopoly. Google is hands-down the best search engine on the globe [...]

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We live in a fast-paced digital society that’s ever-changing. Ever wondered why? Well, this is thanks to search engine core updates. Google is currently the heavyweight in the search engine market, recording over 88% market share, which, in a traditional sense makes it a monopoly. Google is hands-down the best search engine on the globe and this is partially accomplished by releasing major algorithm updates on a regular basis in order to offer the best results possible to a user’s search query. They have also acknowledged making near-constant updates, over 3,000 in 2019 alone in addition to their major core updates, which we will discuss here.

In the current digital landscape, it’s essential to stay updated with the constant changes Google makes. With the help of the digital marketing experts at EverConvert, you can be sure that your website is able to adapt and evolve at the rapid pace required to experience consistent organic search success. The New Year symbolizes a time for a new beginning, and with this being the start of a new decade/year, Google utilized this opportunity to release their first change to its 2020 algorithm. Google’s January 2020 Core Update was unveiled on Jan 13, 2020, and has mostly been rolled out by now as announced by Google on the 16th of January.

5 Things to Know About the Google January 2020 Core Update

What is a Google core update in the first place? This is when Google changes its core search algorithm to return more useful and relevant results to the end-user. It basically reassesses content as a whole, and nothing in a core update targets specific websites or pages. The alterations will make some under-rated pages perform better, while also causing some previously high ranking pages to experience losses. So it’s not really surprising to see that when a core update comes out, there is much consternation among website owners about what actually happened and when it occurred. Some specifics of the most recent update are:

  • Google announced the roll-out of its 2020 broad core algorithm update on the 13th of January 2020.? It has been documented, in proper authority, that the update was global and not specified to any region, category, or language. It was a free for all.
  • The coming days saw the Google core update being rolled out and implemented in other Google data centers. On the 16th of January, Google said it would be fully functioning in about two weeks.
  • Google has continued its transparent pursuit of an open communication policy for updates that started in the summer of 2019. At that point, Google began to implement a policy of doing a pre-announcement of the updates then later doing a confirmation of the roll-out once it’s live.
  • The effect of the Google January 2020 Core Update has not yet been determined
  • Google also announced an update to its Search Engine Results Page layout for desktops that include favicons (company icons) being displayed in search results. This has been a feature on mobile since May of 2019, but it was added to desktop in the January Core Update.

statement from Google regarding January 2020 core update

Google January Core Update 2020: Analysis

Depending on who you are, the January 2020 Google Core Update could have had a positive, or a negative, impact on your site, and was potentially designed to make corrections or additions to previous updates. It was yet another update where pages with thin and low-quality content got penalized with Google emphasizing in YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) content. With this being the first update of the year, the most logical step to take is understanding the topics and clusters of search queries most affected.

Knowing the tweaks made in the Google algorithm and how it has impacted a website’s content is key if you are to succeed. The update already seems to be making waves, with SEOs reporting major changes with forums like BlackHat World and WebmasterWorld, acknowledging that the first Google Core Update of the year was quite a big one.

As we said, the January Google Core Update was a big one and noticeable in the majority of the categories. By now, the dust on the Google January 2020 Core Update has mostly settled. SearchMetrics shared with us specific examples of some of the big winners and losers of the January 2020 Core update. Though it’s challenging interpreting core updates, some of the key benefactors of this update were:

  • Onhealth.com was a winner during the March 2019 Core update and a loser in September 2019 and was a big-time winner again at the January 2020 Google Core update.
  • For multiple core updates, Draxe.com has been up and down. With the January 2020 update, they got a big win of approximately +83%, offsetting some of their losses in prior core updates.
  • According to SearchMetrics, the big winners of the core update were verywellhealth.com, onhealth.com, esty.com, overstock.com, bigfishgames.com, cargurus.com, addictinggames.com, and health.com.

What Do You Do If You’re Hit With A Core Update?

There are times you may find yourself on the short-end of a core update. Don’t despair. A decline in your ranking doesn’t always mean that there is something wrong with your webpages. Data providers all over agree that this January 2020 core update was a huge one and impacted multiple industry verticals, but the true impact often takes weeks, if not months of data collection and analysis to properly evaluate. You should keep in mind that Google rarely ever (and did not in this case) gives specific advice on what to do if you were negatively impacted. Here’s our advice on how to react to this.

Don’t Change Your Site

By resisting the urge to make immediate changes, you’ll be able to better pinpoint the exact cause of the gains or losses from the core update. If you’re making changes to ‘fix’ your drop in traffic following an algorithm rollout, you won’t know if the changes you made helped, hurt or made no difference. Algorithm updates and the machine learning that takes place immediately following means that in many cases, making immediate changes to try and correct losses can be the worst action a website administrator can take. Just be a bit patient until more time has elapsed.


You or your business may have a group of key performance indicators (KPIs) that you regularly monitor to check your site’s health, strength, and productivity, but if you experience a major drop, or gain, following a core update, it is time to expand your data collection. To be able to analyze and attempt to determine what led to the changes, you will want to look at more factors than just keywords ranked, average position, or total volume of sessions. Collect as much data as you can from the period before the update, immediately after the changes, and for the next several weeks to a month. Making appropriate corrective action is nearly impossible if you don’t have the data to support it.


This is the backbone of successful websites with the common saying in SEO that “content is king”. While this phrase was first coined by Bill Gates in 1996, long before SEO was even a thing, it remains true to this day, more so than ever before. High-quality content is what will get your site up the rankings. Focus on creating content that users want to read, that is informative, engaging, and visually appealing. Google uses the acronym EAT to illustrate this principle and guide webmasters, meaning the best content shows Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Having great content on your pages is the most foolproof way to improve your Google search results performance and neglecting this core principle will cause you nothing but pain. Regardless of your current ranking, just keep on creating unique, great content on a regular basis, and you will very likely see a boost in your organic traffic.

Contact EverConvert Today to Put Core Updates to Work For You!

If you want your business to succeed in modern times, you have to be aware of new Google updates to stay ahead of the competition. Regardless of the nature of the update, there will always be publishers that gain traffic and others who lose traffic. Aligning yourself with Google’s broader intent, and a skilled digital marketing firm like EverConvert, is the best way to understand what your core audiences want. If your business has been negatively impacted by a core update, take advantage of our free SEO analysis tool to gain insight into the things Google sees, but that you may be unaware of. Contact our firm today to schedule a risk-free consultation with our SEO team, and stop letting Google updates affect your bottom line. Because no matter what Google does;

Sales Cures All!

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Facebook Marketing: Has It Jumped The Shark? http://www.eroglubal.com/facebook-marketing-has-it-jumped-the-shark/ Thu, 23 Jan 2020 16:35:47 +0000 http://www.eroglubal.com/?p=18184 A few years ago, you couldn't read an article on marketing without hearing about all of the merits of Facebook. Now as you know, things change all of the time, especially in the world of technology and digital marketing, so what was once at the top of the food chain could be virtually invisible a [...]

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A few years ago, you couldn’t read an article on marketing without hearing about all of the merits of Facebook. Now as you know, things change all of the time, especially in the world of technology and digital marketing, so what was once at the top of the food chain could be virtually invisible a few moments later. For this reason, it is important to stay on top of what is trending. You don’t want to be focused on using marketing methods that are archaic; your future depends on staying current at the marketing team at EverConvert is here to ensure you do just that

The short answer to the title question is “No,” Facebook marketing has not jumped the shark. Even as things around the social media giant have changed tremendously in the past few years, they are still holding their ground. Let’s dig a bit deeper so you can understand how they got their start in the marketing arena, how they rose to the top of the game and why they will continue to stay there.

Humble Beginnings

If you ask the average person, including me (for a while), they believe that Facebook’s marketing services did not start until 2012. This is far from the truth. In fact, the social media front runner ran ads as early as 2004. These were called Facebook Flyers. They were designed to look like newspaper ads and those small postings you see on bulletin boards. These ads were really cheap; the average cost was $10-40 and most used them to advertise parties, local events and things of that nature.

In 2012, people thought Facebook marketing was being pushed so hard to the public as a way to make the company more appealing for those interested in being a part of their failed IPO attempt, but it clear that this was something that was in the works for many years. It just took innovations in technology for this to be done on a larger scale and with the ability for each ad to have a wider reach.

By 2014, it became clear that Facebook wasn’t successful with organic ads any longer and they had to take a different approach. This is when they began allowing advertisers to bid for spaces in user’s feeds. From that time forward, it has been nothing but success for Facebook as well as the many companies who advertise on the site.

Why Facebook Ads Are So Effective?

Now that you know how this entire thing got started, let’s talk a little about why the ads on Facebook have such positive results. There are several factors that contribute to this, including:

The Audience

There are 2.5 billion people out there who have a Facebook account they use monthly. This is nearly 1/3 of the population of the entire world. This means that 1 in 5 people you encounter use this site. These astronomical numbers mean that anyone who is trying to market a product or service has a better chance here than they probably have anywhere else on Earth. Even if you are looking to appeal to what you believe is a small, limited audience, you can find them on Facebook, plain and simple.

The Low Cost vs ROI

When you are creating marketing campaigns for many sites, you have to set aside a bundle of money, sometimes more than your business can actually afford, but the goal is to get a decent return on your investment. One great thing about Facebook is that the average click will cost you less than $2 and most businesses are able to get a sizable ROI, so it all evens out.

Targeted Ads

Have you ever placed an ad then you sit back wondering if the right people are going to see it? This is not something that you have to worry about when using Facebook since they give advertisers the chance to target their marketing efforts. This means that the only people that will ever see your ads are those who fit the demographics you specify when placing the ad. Sure, this is not a guarantee that anyone will make a purchase, but it does limit paying for ads that are reaching people who have no use for what you are offering.

Retargeting Ads

Sometimes people are interested enough in what you are selling that they want to make a purchase, but then they leave before actually making a sale. This is a real pain in some ways, but Facebook has the solution to this. They offer the option to retarget those who expressed interest previously. These people are sent a call to action and you would be surprised at how many of these turn into conversions.

The Future Of Facebook Ads

While I am telling you with confidence that Facebook marketing is here to stay, the truth is that there need to be some changes made in order to keep up with the time. Just as Facebook Flyers graduated to targeted campaigns, there will have to be further advancements made if the site wants to keep up with the competition. Here are a few ways that Facebook has changed in preparation for a whole new era of marketing:

Stories Ads

People love short content and Facebook Stories allows them to see what everyone is doing in a very short time. These stories stay on the screen so briefly that you can see what half of the people you know are doing without missing a beat. Since this feature is so popular, Facebook has decided to place ads there and users are not given the option to skip them. Sure, many will see this as a nuisance, but others will watch the content of the ads as long as they are relevant and interesting.

Dynamic Ads

This is when you are given the option to show off an entire catalog of merchandise with a few clicks of a button. It is as simple as submitting the catalog to Facebook, letting them know how long you would like this to run, then sitting back while the site does all of the work for you. Many companies are adding this to their marketing plan since people will be more likely to buy something if they have more options to choose from.

Playable Ads

This is something for all of those people out there who are selling game apps. Facebook has introduced playable ads. They allow people to play the game a little and see how they like it before committing to make a purchase. They are not allowed to play so much that they will have beaten the game without having to buy it, but they will get a nice idea of what can be expected so they are more likely to buy it. As we all know, people like trying before they buy and this is the perfect opportunity.

Contact EverConvert Today to Convert Facebook Ads into Sales!

There is no telling when Facebook marketing will no longer be a thing. I cannot see that happening now or in the foreseeable future. If you are looking for a way to get your business into the scope of people who need the products and services that you offer, then this is the place to go. This held true in 2004 and 2012; today isn’t any different. Right now, you just have to keep your eyes and ears open to see what the social media giant will come up with next. With the way that they have evolved as time has passed, there is no doubt that new and exciting things are just on the horizon.

To make sure your company is properly utilizing Facebook and other social media, contact our social media specialists at EverConvert. We offer a risk-free SEO analysis and will help you either implement or optimize your Facebook strategy to turn those ads into posts, and posts into clients, because in the end:

Sales Cures All!

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Why You Should Optimize Your Google My Business Listing Today http://www.eroglubal.com/why-you-should-optimize-your-google-my-business-listing-today/ Tue, 21 Jan 2020 16:00:17 +0000 http://www.eroglubal.com/?p=18181 Businesses are reaping great rewards by taking advantage of location-based marketing strategies. Here, they target potential customers within a specified location and can focus their efforts in this area. If you are looking to employ the same, it is necessary to have a Google My Business (GMB) listing as it is at the core of [...]

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Businesses are reaping great rewards by taking advantage of location-based marketing strategies. Here, they target potential customers within a specified location and can focus their efforts in this area. If you are looking to employ the same, it is necessary to have a Google My Business (GMB) listing as it is at the core of local search. This is a free tool from Google that allows business owners to manage their visibility on the search engines and associated utilities. It is ideally suited for companies looking for local clients. Whenever someone types in a query with some text specifying the location they would want the answers to fall within, Google My Business Listings appear in the results, via the map 3 pack, and this is a great way to get more clients.

As it is with several other internet marketing strategies, getting the most out of Google My Business is not just about setting an account and waiting for magic. You need to optimize your listing and give the search engines a reason to display your listing whenever someone is looking for your business. In this piece, we will explain how to optimize your Google My Business listing and the benefits of doing so. EverConvert has an entire department dedicated to local search and we are ready to help you get the most out of your GMB listing.

Introducing Google My Business

Google My Business is free, and it does not replace your home site. It complements it by giving your firm an additional platform to boost your online visibility, based on location. If you have previously used Google tools for your business, your GMB listing could already exist. Google synchronizes all the information provided on its various tools such as Google Maps, and Google Search, provided they are linked by one email address.

Before you create a GMB listing, check if there is an existing one for your business. A Google search will help you know this. If your company has been operational for many years, a GMB listing could have been created, and all you need to do is to claim it. After claiming it, you should manage the information on the listing. If someone else has claimed your listing, you will need to contact Google support and follow the steps indicated in order to verify that you are the rightful owner of the listing.

Once you claim the listing, the chances are high that most of the information about your business might be inaccurate or missing. Fill in the blank boxes and update your business details to make sure that everything is correct. Make sure that you find a suitable category for your business. The last option will ask if your firm delivers services to clients such as plumbing services and be sure to answer it correctly. More information is generally better in regard to your GMB listing, as it provides potential customers a comprehensive snapshot of what your business offers.

Verifying Your Listing

Google needs to verify that the listings are accurate as it strives to provide the most relevant and accurate result possible when a search is done. It is the next step after submitting your business information. The easiest way of doing it is through the mail. Google knows the physical address listed under your business details, and they will send a postcard with a verification code to this address. Note that all the changes to the listing won’t be visible to clients until the verification process is complete. The process is quick and should take less than seven days. Once you receive the postcard, you will just need to follow the directions provided to verify the listing.

Tips for Making Your Listing Better

All businesses must take the steps listed above before any optimization becomes relevant. Once verified, you should take advantage of every possible field in the GMB listing to yield the best results.

First, ensure that you enter complete data for the listing. Google favors listings with detailed and accurate information as it shows credibility in a firm. The listing should communicate what you offer, do, and leave nothing for the imagination.

Keywords are vital in GMB listings, so ensure that you use the right ones so that your business shows up when a potential customer searches for terms related to your business.

Confirm that the working hours listed are accurate. If you change your hours of operation at a later date, be sure to update the listing as well. Customers look at these hours when planning to visit your business and Google has begun to penalize businesses that give inaccurate information. The hours listed should be the hours for which your business’ doors are unlocked and accepting customers and you have an employee in the store.

Be sure to add pictures of your business to give customers an idea of what to expect when they visit. You want to include street views in order to make it easier for customers to know what to look for when visiting your location. Geotagging should also be included on all pictures of your business to show Google that you are physically at the address.

Keep your listing interactive and respond to customer reviews. This shows how you value customers and the feedback they leave regarding your business. Encourage customers to leave reviews as positive ones improve your visibility. Some businesses even offer incentives to customers who leave reviews.

Watch Out For Insights

Google has improved Google My Business listings over the years by giving you a lot of analytical data that can influence your business decisions. They are referred to as Insights and show;

  • How customers get your listing
  • Where clients find you on Google
  • What customers do on your listing
  • Direct phone calls made from the listing
  • Requests for directions

These are some of the major categories under the listings, but they are broken down into more specific metrics that will help you gauge how your listing is performing.

Importance of Google My Business Listing

It is easy to ignore Google My Business and focus on what you think are the fundamentals of digital marketing such as SEO, PPC, and SEM, among others. But, because nearly half of all searches are for local information, ignoring your Google My Business listing means you are missing out on half of all search traffic.GMB listings can get you ahead of your competitors, causing your business to show up in the map 3 pack, which is above the organic search results. This is just one reason why you need to claim yours and optimize it today. Here are some of the other benefits;

  • Your business will show up on Google Map searches.
  • It will show up on local searches.
  • Earns you trust from customers
  • Reviews and ratings improve your appeal to new customers
  • Helps to increase traffic to your site and eventually sales
  • Boosts your organic search results
  • Improves engagement
  • You benefit from free Google advertising

Contact EverConvert Today to Learn More About Local Search Marketing

The internet marketing world is always changing, and you need to stay ahead of these changes if you are to surpass the competitors. Most of the searches on the internet from people seeking goods and services have local intent, and Google My Business listings are what display the companies offering these commodities. You do not have to pay a cent to claim and optimize your listing, but the benefits of doing so will go a long way to improve your customer base and boost your local presence.

Contact the team at EverConvert to get the most out of your GMB listing. Our team of local search specialist are ready to help you with every step of the process, from verification to optimization, to ensure that customers find you when they are looking for a local business. Finding your business is the first step in making a potential customer into a satisfied client and we make sure you show up, because:

Sales Cures All!

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Will Email Marketing Still Be Effective In 2020? http://www.eroglubal.com/will-email-marketing-still-be-effective-in-2020/ Tue, 14 Jan 2020 15:28:47 +0000 http://www.eroglubal.com/?p=18178 You’ve most probably heard that email marketing is dead or dying more than a few times. Please don’t believe it! That line has been doing the rounds for a while now. Though email marketing can feel like a long shot, it’s actually quite a useful marketing tool. Due to the rapid growth of social media [...]

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You’ve most probably heard that email marketing is dead or dying more than a few times. Please don’t believe it! That line has been doing the rounds for a while now. Though email marketing can feel like a long shot, it’s actually quite a useful marketing tool. Due to the rapid growth of social media and financial backing from companies, the majority of professionals are predicting the imminent death of email marketing. However, individuals sharing this opinion forget that when the strategy isn’t working, then the content in the mail may not be of interest to the recipient. Basically, the success of this tool is limited by a lack of relevant content that appeals to the recipient.

Corporations also fall short by tirelessly sending out emails, with 78% of recipients claiming to have canceled their subscriptions due to the bombardment of mail they receive. Other than making sure the content is relevant, including some call-to-actions helps motivate readers to click exactly where we want.

With the turn of the decade, one may be wondering whether email marketing will still be effective in 2020. Well, the answer to that is, of course. Need a little more convincing? Great! In addition to the helpful content found below, the marketing team at EverConvert is ready to answer any questions you may have.

Here’s what the stats say.

Email Marketing Statistics

Let’s get one thing straight: email marketing stats show that it’s here to stay. To begin with, we send 102.6 trillion emails each year, with the numbers predicted to reach 126.7 trillion by 2022. So who’s sending and receiving all these emails? Well, in America alone, it turns out that it’s over 90% of persons over 15 years old. Despite the growth of social media messaging apps, over 3/4 of teenagers still use Email. It’s actually considered as a fact of daily life.

92% of web users have an email account which means that practically everybody has an email, unlike with social media where not everyone has opened up an account. Most of us have an attachment to our mail with well over 99% checking our mail daily. There are those of us that check it as much as 20 times a day thanks to the rise of mobile platforms that make access super easy. Over half of us heck the mail first before doing anything online. As a result, email marketing remains one of the most effective methods of getting your content in front of the people who want it most.

Email vs Social Media

  • Email; 58.0%
  • Search; 20.0%
  • Social Media; 14.0%
  • News; 5.0%
  • Company Intranet; 3.0%

According to Radicati Group, 2020 email user numbers are expected to grow to 3 billion. With such numbers, it’s hard to leave any room for doubt concerning the limitless potential the tool has if included in a company’s digital strategy.

The key takeaway from all these is that regardless of the age group you’re targeting or their geographical location, email marketing remains an effective way of reaching your audience. It will reach most of the individuals (85%) it’s intended for. Email has a click-through rate of 3.71% across all industries and an average open rate of 22.86%. Additionally, the unsubscribe rate, on average, is 0.21%. Despite these impressive numbers, companies are still focusing more of their marketing budgets on social media although it only has an engagement rate of .58%.

Consumers and Email Marketing

Adestra suggests that consumers prefer communicating via Email with the brand they feel connected with. Content marketing distribution channels by order of importance put Email at over 90%. Marketers, on the other hand, prefer Email. It’s usually rated ‘important’ or ‘extremely important’ to content distribution efforts.

However, it’s not going to be all good. As a marketer, you’ll have to figure out exactly how consumers will respond to the emails. You should be aware of the top reasons consumers may unsubscribe from getting your mails. This is because 53.49% of sent emails are classified to be spam. You can see how easy it can be for consumers to be put off by the wrong emails. Consumers today can fight back by reporting the emails as spam, sometimes solely because marketers get the frequency and content wrong even if the mail isn’t spam.

What we can draw from this is that consumers hold all of the chips and can block and/or delete irrelevant ‘junk’ emails cluttering the inbox. But one way you can ensure your mail isn’t axed is to include smart personalization going beyond subscriber first names and learn how to utilize Smart Tags to make the marketing campaign more engaging.

Email Marketing Benefits

There are numerous advantages associated with email marketing. When harnessed correctly, it can leverage sales, create new consumers and assist in their retention. This is in contrast with social networks that need to engage people first before they’re customers. According to McKinsey & Company, Email marketing is 40 times more effective as compared to social media. The study also says that the speed of purchase is 3 times faster compared to social media.

Remember us saying how email usage is so predominant among consumers? Well, it turns out they use it to find deals and shop online. Marketing Sherpa suggests that around 60% of consumers have subscribed to a brand’s promotional newsletters, messages and deals compared to just 20% following brands on social. People actually prefer receiving business info via mail.

Email Marketing ROI

Is investing in email marketing in 2020 worth it? YES, it is! The comparison of social media vs email marketing shows Email outshines social by miles. Did you know email marketing can bring a potential 4400% ROI? Meaning that for each dollar you’re spending on email marketing, you’ll be earning $44 return which is just ridiculous. The stats are clear as to what email marketing delivers. Yet, despite these astronomical ROI numbers, the average company spends only 13% of its marketing budget on email, even though it results in 19% of sales.

So email marketing in 2020 still remains the best and most effective method of attracting and retaining customers. It can keep your business afloat, or propel it into the stratosphere, with a potential ROI of up to 4400%. That prospect is just out of this world and beyond any marketers wildest dream. So ensure you refine your email marketing strategy for 2020 if you want your business to grow to unprecedented heights.

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